Marketing Strategies

Research + Planning + Presentation

Conventional Marketing Strategy


  • Marketing planning, market- led innovation, pricing and marketing channel strategies
  • Marketing strategy including segmentation, targeting and competitive positioning
  • Brand portfolio building through planning ATL & BTL activities
  • Marketing psychology including consumer decision- making processes and influences
  • International marketing management including market research, selection, promotion and pricing strategies
  • Marketing communications including designing and evaluating marketing communications plans and the promotional mix
  • Services marketing including sector differences, measuring service quality, application of business process reengineering etc.
marketing ideas

Digital Marketing Strategy

A go to digital marketing plan that ensures that the business pushes the product and consumers ask for the product.


  • Development- Insight into the company’s business model to identify the challenges faced by it, in order to design and plan strategy accordingly
  • Drive High Traffic- Analyzing the requirement and planning digital marketing strategy to get the maximum return on investment by increasing your web traffic and enabling lead generation
  • Maintaining Customers- Preserving customers is the core of any business. Digital marketing helps in customer retention through regular interaction with your current and prospective client database