Digital Media Marketing

Digital media marketing is becoming important because the target group can be contacted by cost- effective and quantifiable means. As conventional routes of marketing like television commercials, print, radio and outdoors are becoming more expensive, it is vital to use modern, digital media which are easily accessible. It also enables businesses to interact with clients in actual time.


Brand promotion enables an organisation to make a promise about a unique and welcomed experience through set of functional and emotional values by which customers associate themselves. Logo, name, packaging, advertising, positioning, culture, personality, core competence,  helps corporates distinguish themselves from other brands.

Website Designs

Web designing is vital as it is an interface of the company. It allows businesses to market themselves online by giving knowledge about the company, products, lead generation, online selling and much more around the globe.

N. Marketing Sol. is not just a name but exceptionally sincere effort to offer marketing solutions like branding, digital, strategy development, research, lead generation, communications that puts you and your business first! In today’s era with thriving competition, businesses need to break the clutter by creating a buzz.

N. Marketing Sol. provides premier value guidance and marketing services to maximise customer value. Result oriented day- to- day digital marketing solutions, brand positioning, website designing, pay per click, search engine optimisation, email campaign, blogging, social media marketing and much more at low operational cost and amicable background. We also have provision for consultancy service for short time period, one- off projects such as content writing and management, email marketing and much more that requires a bit of expert advice.

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