Powerful Brand Characteristics

Defining Brand

“A cluster of functional and emotional values which enable an organisation to make a promise about a unique and welcomed experience.”

Source: Leslie de Chernatony, Malcolm McDonald, Elaine Wallace


Brand as promise is distinctive, valued, consistently delivered and kept over time.

For Implementing Brand Essence, central ideas manifest through product, environment, behaviour and communication.


Brand touchpoints


  •  Pre- purchase touchpoints

Those factors that influence whether a prospect will put brand into purchase consideration set

  •  Purchase touchpoints 

 Those factors that move a customer from consideration to purchase

  •  Post purchase touchpoints

 All those factors after the purchase that influence satisfaction

What is my Brand?


1. Differentiation- Logo Shorthand
2. Positioning- Functionalism Integrated strategy
3. Personality- Emotion Values Self or culture
4. Visionary- Promise
5. Added value- Identity (image), Relationship, Risk reducer, Financial

Reputed Brand Functions:


  • Excel delivering desired benefits
  • Stay relevant
  • Price on perceived value
  • Effectively positioned
  • Consistent
  • Portfolio and hierarchy make sense
  • Has co- ordinated support activities
  • Understand what brand means to consumers
  • Have long term support
  • Monitor sources of equity
Reputation test
  • Who are your customers?
  • What journey do they make when they deal with you?
  • Do they get conflicting messages on the journey?
  • How do the messages they encounter on their journey relate to the 3 key reasons for doing business with you?
  • Where do staff make a difference on customers’ journeys?
  • How good are staff at problem recovery during the journey?