Website Updation to Native Social Network

There are several reasons for website updation, they are as follows:

  • Security- Websites can be easily hacked by spammers for fake advertising so one should keep a track regularly
  • Social Media Networking- When you interlink social networking sites with the website, it increases your web traffic (SEO) by furnishing different ideas to post on social sites
  • SEO- Google is looking for new appropriate content that enables them to search for your site through several other websites, it measures for every search
  • Evaluating Your Performance- There are many softwares that allows analysing trends on social media along with your website which helps in exploring consumer buying habbits, behaviour for successful marketing campaigns
  • Promotion- Revising the content is a must in marketing otherwise your leads will dry up. Thus you need to formulate high quality content to get results
  • Responsive Website- This technology allows a website to be flexible and adjust to the size of the screen on which it is being viewed like smart phones

Mobile Apps Updation to Native Social Sites

There are various reasons for mobile app updation, they are as follows:

  • Introducing New Features- By updating your mobile app you receive new softwares and hardwares to attain new attributes
  • For Improving In- app Social Sharing- Combing social media in the app can increase in app social sharing. It also makes an app the mode of communication by merging social media content related to work without loss of income and traffic to the main social network app
  • It’s Good for the Business- Regularly updated apps generally receive higher ratings
  • Advertising the Apps- Whenever we update our mobile app we get notification to spilt share credit update it, which seeks attention instantly
  • To Improve Usability- Interlinking social media within an app can boost the app’s functionality. For example- Instagram with Facebook
  • Performance-  The feedbacks received from the current version users helps in upgradation of new versions. The speed of the apps may also get enhanced
  • Increased Downloads- As because web based social networking sites are mostly linked with applications, it can lead users to download interface when they are scanning the online networking bolster
  • Crucial Analytics Data for Improved Predictions- Social media login details, sharing patterns provides a detailed graph of the users for conducting market research, identifying target audience and boosting promotional campaigns
  • New Revenue/ Sales Leads- A close amalgamation between social media & apps enables with getting more attention, which enhances sales and revenue channels to your existing channels
  • Design Repair- Some design change will be having easy user interface
  • Resolving Apps Bug- Some bugs in the current version may get corrected