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Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new advertising idea off the ground? Let me help you reach your goals.

Branding Ideas For Professionals and Businessmen

Expanding Marketing Database

Business Development Strategies, Leads and Networking

Marketing is about understanding consumers and networking with business associates. Excellent communication skills, rapport- building skills and analytical skills are a few of the traits required by any marketing personnel. Building a comprehensive customer database, allowing the business to be able to develop a close relationship with each customer and have convenient access to customer data.

Digital Media Marketing

An organized and artistic professional with established marketing skills and an aspiration to learn more. 9+ years of knowledge working as a brand strategy coordinator for various organisations and clients. Increased proficiency in publication marketing, web based advertising and brand consulting.

Completed my post- graduation degree, MSc in Marketing Management from Aston Business School (UK) and under- graduate degree, BSc (Hons) Management from Manchester Business School (UK). Also pursued Digital Marketing program. Certifications from WebTek Labs Pvt. Ltd., Google and HubSpot.

Neha Madhogaria

Founder & Freelance Consultant, N. Marketing Sol.

Excellent job, good quality work, user friendly website delivered at affordable price. Transparency in work within the time limit. Definitely must try N. Marketing Sol. services.

Sarvesh Agrhari

Director, Cofinex Inc. Ltd.

EEEET.ORG shall always remain grateful to Neha for her painstaking efforts to give quality results at very competitive rates. Excellent professionalism & high quality branding really stunned us, especially as she had to arduously read the whole website, rummage through our old videos & photos, and then produce an excellent design plus content for our brochure.

If you need economy & quality as well as full commitment, Neha’s marketing sol must be your first choice.

Easy Elite English

Easy Elite English Educational Trust

Good digital marketing agency with top notch SEO skills. highly recommended.

Anindya Bhaumik

Digital Marketing Expert , Influencer Marketing Manager at InfluGlue

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

Market segmenting implies isolating a market into particular groups, sub- groups of purchasers with various necessities, qualities or conduct, who may require separate items or promoting blends.

International Marketing

International Marketing

N. Marketing Sol. international marketing consultant centres around creating proficient deals, promoting efforts to assist you with expanding globally.

Social Media Marketing and Its Unbeatable Benefits

Social Media Marketing and Its Unbeatable Benefits

Social media marketing companies provide entrepreneurs with a voice and a means to communicate with coworkers, clients, and possible customers. It customizes the”brand” and can help businesses to spread their message in an easy and understandable manner.



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